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Stauning Rye

Stauning Rye

Danish Rye Whisky | 48% | 70cl

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Denmark's largest distillery, Stauning, maintains traditional whisky-making practices, floor-malting locally-sourced rye and barley, fermenting long, and direct-firing 24 small copper stills. Bottled at 48% ABV after 3-4 years in new American oak barrels, their Rye whisky boasts a high-rye mashbill with fruity and spicy notes.

Style: Danish Rye Whisky

Place: Stauning, West Jutland, Denmark

Made from: 70% malted rye, 30% malted barley

Production: Floor maltings, long ferment, direct fire, 24 small copper stills

Flavour Profile: Ginger, cherry, vanilla, orange, pepper

ABV: 48%

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