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Pisco | 40% | 50cl

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Produced by the Aguirre family, ABA Pisco follows time-honoured methods passed down through generations. Residing in the Elqui Valley, their estate thrives in an area renowned for cultivating the finest grapes destined for pisco crafting. Operating under the name Fundo San Juan El Arenal, meaning 'a place of sand,' their distillery reflects the local terrain. Benefitting from year-round sunshine and refreshing Andean nights, this unique environment is essential in yielding the exceptional grapes needed for crafting ABA Pisco

Style: Chilean Pisco

Place: Elqui Valley, Chile

Made from: 100% Alexandria Muscat grapes

Production: Copper pot stills

Flavour Profile: Pear, violet, floral, fruit bread

ABV: 40%

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