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Chairman's Reserve Spiced

Chairman's Reserve Spiced

Spiced Rum | 40% | 70cl

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Situated on the picturesque island of Saint Lucia, Chairman's Distillery stands out as a unique place. With the closure of the island's final sugar plantation in the 1960s, the distillery now sources its molasses from British Guyana. Employing a wide array of yeast strains and diverse still types, Chairman's crafts rums with distinct characters, enabling their master blender to create spirits of exceptional quality.

Spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, allspice, orange and lemon peel.

Style: Spiced Rum

Place: St Lucia

Made from: Molasses

Production: Coffey and pot still

Flavour Profile: Cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, orange peels, tropical fruits

ABV: 40%

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