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Fielden Flagship

Fielden Flagship

English Rye Whisky | 48% | 70cl

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Fielden is a whisky created using revolutionary farming techniques developed by archaeobotanist John Letts, who discovered ancient grains in thatched roofing. Over 30 years, these heritage grains are being brought back and grown using regenerative farming, with no chemicals, allowing cover crops, insect life and animals to flourish. Heritage grains along with the team's great distilling know-how and an interesting range of maturation results in a whisky full of flavour. 

Style: Rye Whisky

Place: Oxford, England

Made from: Malted and unmalted rye, malted barley, wheat

Production: Double pot still ("Nautilus" and "Nemo")

Flavour Profile: Caramel, buttery Danish pastries, gingerbread, almonds, rye bread.

ABV: 48%

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