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Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin

Gin | 43.8% | 70cl

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Four Pillars Gin Distillery, located in the Yarra Valley of Australia, is renowned for its innovative approach to gin-making. Founded in 2013 by three friends, their distillery specialises in crafting premium gins using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. With a focus on quality botanicals and meticulous distillation, Four Pillars produces award-winning gins beloved by enthusiasts worldwide.

Botanicals: Juniper berries, orange, lemon myrtle, coriander seed, pepperberry, angelica, green cardamom, star anise, cassia, lavender, cubeb berries, turmeric, ginger, grains of paradise, finger limes, red szechuan, macadamia nut, quandong, sencha genmaicha, yuzu, dried apple

Style: World Gin

Place: Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Production: Pot still with Carterhead

Flavour Profile: Cinnamon, orange, mint, liquorice

ABV: 43.8%

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