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Nikka Days

Nikka Days

Japanese Blended Whisky | 40% | 70cl

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Nikka Days is an exceptionally vibrant blended Japanese whisky crafted by a renowned producer. It combines spirits from the distinguished Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries, offering a delicate balance of fruity and malted notes, with a subtle touch of peatiness.


Style: Japanese Blended Whisky

Place: Yoichi District, Shiribeshi Subprefecture, Hokkaido, and Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Tōhoku region, Japan

Made from: Peated and unpeated malted barley and grains

Production: Copper pot stills and Coffey stills

Flavour Profile: Roasted nut, toffee apples, vanilla fudge, and fresh orchard fruits

ABV: 40%

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