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RL Seale 10 Year Old

RL Seale 10 Year Old

Barbados Rum | 46% | 70cl

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Style: Gold - Single Traditional Blended Rum

Place: Barbados

Made from: Molasses

Production: Pot and column stills

Flavour Profile: Stewed orchard fruits, with vanilla, thyme, and warming spices.

ABV: 46%

R L Seale’s 10-Year-Old Rum is crafted by Richard Seale at Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. Richard, the great-grandson of Reginald Leon Seale, who established the company in 1926, oversees its production. Inspired by the leather flasks pirates once used to store rum, this rum's design features asymmetry and includes an imprint for easy handling.

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